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Reverend Freakchild - Vocals and Guitar, Chris Parker - Drums, Hugh Pool - Lap Steel, Backup Vocals - The Mulebone Singers, Video Produced by Chris Kepple, Shot and Edited by Nat Kramer & Juan Ignacio Stewart, Dancers: Anyeli Arias & Sam Krezinski, Production Associate: Nolan Kemp, Color Correction by Nat, This single 'All I Got is Now' is included on the album Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues - Recorded at Excello Studios Brooklyn, NY, Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisc, Copyright 2016 Citizen of the Universe Music.

Illogical Optimism

Deluxe 3 CD Set

Disc One: Odds, Ends and Other Amazingness / Reverend Freakchild

1. Imagine (3:15)

2. Hey Pocky A-Way (4:01)

3. I Still Have Joy (4:02)

4. Cryin' Holy unto the Lord (3:31)

5. Who Do You Love (4:10)

6. All Along the Watchtower (4:21)

7. Shark Boogie (5:21)

8. Pretty Boy Floyd (2:55)

9. Sweet Sweet You (3:20)

10. See That My Grave is Kept Clean (4:13)

11. Big Mouth Blues (4:53)

12. Hell Hound On My Trail (5:44)

13. Yer Blues (5:35)

14. Death Don't Have No Mercy (4:51)

15. Plastic Jesus / Working On a Building (6:45)

Disc Two: Everything Is Now / Reverend Freakchild

1. Once Upon A Time Called Right Now - Funk Version (5:30)

2. All I Got Is Now - Low Society ReMix (3:49)

3. All We Got Is Now - Reggae Version (6:06)

4. All I Got Is Now - DJ BillyE ReMix (3:43)

5. Alla Gotta Na' – Hillbilly Version (5:07)

6. All I Want Is Now! - Punk Version (2:00)

7. The Bardo of This Life, Dream-like Nature ReMix (6:39)

8. Ich Hab Nur Diesen Augenblick - German Version (4:19)

9. Tout Ce Dont Tu As Besoin, C'est Maintenant 

(All You Need Is Now) French Version (3:49)

10. All Is Now (Acoustic Demo Version) (3:58)

11. Everything is Now... (8:27)

12. Now? (3:45)

Disc Three: Kairos / Ramblin' Jennings 

1. Safe in the Storm (2:22)

2. I Saw A Wheel (2:26)

3. Please Send Me (3:47)

4. Sinner Blues (2:53)

5. Livin' and Dyin' (3:12)

6. Silver Sandals (2:09)

7. John the Revelator (3:27)

8. Last Train Blues (3:13)

Credits for the Bonus Disc Kairos:

These songs of faith, hope, and love, are for everyone seeking shelter from the storm. On Saturday Night & Sunday Mornin' too!

Ramblin' Jennings - Preachin' the Gospel Blues with Declamatory Vocals, Wailing Blues Harmonica, and Slide Boogie Guitar.

All songs by © Ramblin' Jennings except John the Revelator Traditional arranged by Ramblin' Jennings.

Recorded @ Echo Beach Studios 2015 Engineer: Raymond Holzknecht


The Album Illogical Optimism peaked at #6 on The Roots Music Report's Top 50 Blues Rock Album Chart - June 2016

Click this link for a featured artist on air interview with the Rev. on KAFM


Reverend Freakchild is not your everyday average bluesman. Sure, he can play the blues in all of its forms, but his albums are way out there in the blues realm: they confuse old people, make little kids cry, and cause fellow musicians to grin from ear-to-ear.

His latest project is no exception, and it is a worthy follow-up to last year’s amazing Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues. This time around he has put together Illogical Optimism, which is two discs of his own material plus a third disc from another reverend, Ramblin’ Jennings.  I cannot recommend Illogical Optimism enough. Reverend Freakchild pushes the boundaries of blues and approaches old songs in new ways that really makes the listener think. And his buddy Ramblin’ Jennings brings blues down to its basics to provide a touch point for the other two discs.   - Rex and the Bass

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